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Christmas Tree Adventures on the Farm

What do you get when you mix Christmas trees on a farm with human and animal friends? Depends on who you ask!

The goats, ducks, and chickens would say a yummy tasty treat. These animals enjoy pine trees and spend the cold winter days munching on the needles. Eating these trees help with their digestive system, and provide valuable nutrients during colder months when there is less to forage on.

Our human friends do not munch on these trees, but instead drag them around the farm. One day the trees may be piled together to form a pirate ship, fort, or castle. Students learn that dragging these trees by the trunk is much easier than dragging it by the top. Why? They quickly figure out that the branches provide resistance if they grab the tree from the top. As they problem solve and plan, a physical workout leads to the creation of a fun retreat to spend time with friends.

Do goats share? Sometimes! The biggest issue during this time on the farm is when the goats invade the pirate ship, fort, or castle for a quick snack!!

Bottom line, the goats and children learn to share and enjoy adventures with Christmas trees on the farm.

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