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Education opportunities in early childhood are the foundation of life. Everything a person will learn later in life builds upon knowledge gained through prior experiences.

The Tiny Farmers Playgroup contributes to a foundation of organic socialization and community building. Children under the age of five, along with their grownup(s) and older sibling(s), follow their curiosity to explore the natural world around them in this 45-minute playgroup. 

Playgroup activities include:

-Feeding Animals

-Brushing Goats

-Animal Snuggles

-Mud Kitchen Creations


-Open Exploration & Play

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Play is how children connect with the world around them and make sense of everyday life. According to research, play is an essential part of early childhood education; it is the way children gain new skills. In these early years, children need educators, parents, and caregivers to enable playful learning experiences that pique children’s natural curiosities. This exploration through play will support their learning now and in future pursuits. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, play helps children develop the competencies required to face future challenges. Play assists children in learning how to

-work in groups, 



-resolve conflicts, and

-learn self-advocacy skills.

When encouraged to play freely, without the scripting of adults, they also develop creativity and leadership skills. In essence, play helps the development of skills that better prepare children for every stage of life.

Play also provides an opportunity to build stronger connections between the child and caregiver. When you join your child at play, allowing them to take the lead, it opens a window to see the world through their eyes. This willingness to participate in play indicates to the child that you are engaged, providing your full attention, helping to build a secure relationship.

There’s never been a better reason to play! We hope to see you on the farm for our next Tiny Farmers Playgroup. 

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“If we provide enough space and possibilities for moving freely, then the children will move as well as animals: skillfully, simply, securely, naturally.” 
-Dr. Emmi Pikler
Pediatrician & Infant Educator

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