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Wiggly, Squiggly Worms

Springtime on the farm involves cleanup, prep, and discovery. One of the first animals to show itself this time of year is one of our favorites, worms! We observe how they need time to warm up from the cold soil, then much to our delight wiggle, squiggle, and squirm.

We observe how they move to determine the location of their head. Students watch how they move without legs and can even wiggle their way up out of a shallow container. As they find dirt, the worms begin to burrow and disappear.

While observing these important creatures we discuss their role on the farm. As we prepare our planting areas, we notice all of the worms and know they are important to the health and maintenance of the soil. Without these creatures our mini crops will fail, they will not grow.

Fun facts about worms:

  • Worms are both male and female

  • They breathe through their skin and do not have lungs

  • Worms have a mouth, but no eyes

  • They have no ears, but are sensitive to vibrations

  • Worms have five hearts

  • They help to create humus NOT to be confused with hummus;)

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