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Most educational opportunities for young people today are focused solely on academics within
four classroom walls. Research suggests the benefits of outdoor learning help children develop
skills important to succeeding in life, as well as school, including:
Conflict Resolution
Relationship Building
Problem Solving
Enthusiasm for Learning
Adventures in Learning programs have been developed with these skills in mind. Our learning
adventures encourage all farm goers to take risks to build confidence while harnessing the
therapeutic power of connecting with furry, feathered, and human friends. We offer learning
opportunities for the littlest learners through adults.

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All educational opportunities at Adventures in Learning are rooted in respect…respect for ourselves and others, as well as for the natural world around us and our animal friends.



Workshops are offered to support adults in raising and educating children:

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“Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life: education is life itself.”
-John Dewey
American Philosopher & Leader of Progressive Education Movement

What Families Are Saying

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Farm school is a small-size, hands-on outdoor, multi-age, STEM learning program. It fills a need for those looking for a non-traditional classroom and non-traditional teacher. There is nothing else in Ashland, or even nearby towns that serves this need. At about 3 years old, my son was able to recite that “water” and “wheelbarrow” start with the letter W. He knew this because he used both that day at school.  For him personally, this type of active learning helped him retain that knowledge much better than weeks of practicing on paper or doing an alphabet puzzle at a desk.

Mimi (Mom of a Little Farmer)

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Promoting Learning Through Outdoor Education

In our high achievement culture, the message often conveyed is children need to log more time in the classroom and begin formal schooling at an early age to be successful in school. We understand being successful in school to mean being successful in life. So, we follow this prescribed path because we, understandably, want what is best for our children. But, following this path means something has to give, and it usually is our children’s time—time for free play and natural discovery. 

For more than a century, parents and educators have been asking the same question, “Why can’t we have both?!? Plenty of time for outdoor play and discovery, combined with a strong educational experience.” As a result, several educational philosophies centered around child-led learning and outdoor exploration were born. 

The concept is not new. The first Forest School started on a farm in Wisconsin in 1927. Similar philosophies focused on outdoor education and experiential learning, took shape throughout the 20th century, mainly in Europe. Programming and curriculum may vary, but these philosophies generally have these shared values:

-Nature Immersion

-Interest-Led Learning

-Inquiry-Based Teaching

-Authentic Play

Outdoor education programs offer children the opportunity to learn by exploring the world around them. To many adults, learning in this way looks like just play… because it is! Experts in early childhood education know, when children play, children learn. 

Mr. Fred Rodgers explained it best, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” Or, in the wise words of Albert Einstein, Nobel Laureate in Physics, “Play is the highest form of research.” 

Outdoor education provides the opportunity to be immersed in an environment that fosters play and curiosity. A child with an interest in building is exposed to math by way of measurement. Another who loves to play with mud is exposed to science by way of weather observation. Outdoor learning provides a multisensory educational environment that naturally targets every learning style. As the seasons progress, the classroom is transformed, and new learning opportunities present themselves.  

To see firsthand the educational opportunities that are offered at Adventures in Learning to learners of all ages, reach out to schedule a tour. We would love to see you on the farm!

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